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Recent News Articles about Biosimilars.

EC approval for Sanofi’s insulin aspart biosimilar​

Insulin biosimilars had to this date, low intake in Europe, but this is expected to change as far as new ones come to the market. 

Sustainable biosimilar policies in Europe

"European experience shows that the most effective policies provide continuous information on biosimilars, stimulate manufacturer competition, guarantee a sufficiently broad choice of products, are non-discriminatory towards either originator or biosimilar medicines, and allow the treating physician to choose the most appropriate product in consultation with their patient."

Biosimilars law in Germany draws legitimate criticism

Is the new German law showing the path to follow the Nordic way about biosimilar substitution at the pharmacy level?

EMA approves bevacizumab and teriparatide biosimilars

"The CHMP has recommended that Aybintio be approved for the treatment of certain cancers. Sandoz said that this includes ‘treatment of the same types of cancer as reference bevacizumab’". Bevacizumab is selling around 1.800 million USD/year Worldwide."

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