Meet the Founder

Jose Ignacio Diaz is a senior global executive with over 25 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry, having held senior international roles with Big Pharma companies such as Roche and Sanofi, and also with midsize local leaders in Europe, Asia, and Latin America.


Since 2008, as founder and CEO of Emergpharma, Diaz has become recognized for his extensive expertise in the Biosimilars market, of which Biopharmalinks was later established. He has been endorsed as a speaker for several lectures and has written several articles and publications for specialized forums on the topic.


As part of the Biopharmalinks connections, he has an internal database with more than 26.000 Linkedin 1st connections in the pharmaceutical industry, with more than 1.500 specifically in the biosimilars segment, and among them CEOs, SVP in Business Development and R&D departments, whom all are relevant decision-makers.

José Ignacio Diaz

CEO and General Manager 

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